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Product Liability Insurance

Why do I need Product Liability insurance?

Every business that produces, distributes, imports or represents a product will be held liable for damages that may result from the use of its products towards third parties – whether individuals or other business (intermediaries, suppliers, etc.).

What does the product liability insurance cover:

  • Claims for damages to third party assets/property damage.
  • Claims for third-party personal injury.

What extra benefits does this proposal offer?

Our long-term experience has led us to developing a specific policy with terms that are accepted worldwide even by the most demanding buyers.

1. Global territorial jurisdiction of policy
Our proposal provides cover in the jurisdiction of every country where the claim will be brought, giving the advantage of compliance with the respective local laws as well as the ability to actively manage any litigation.

2. Duty to Defend, rather than mere reimbursement policy.
This means that your policy explicitly provides for the insurer's obligation to defend the insured company against the covered claims, thus providing active claim management by using the legal knowledge and experience of the insurer’s international network.

3. Coverage of any user / consumer claims not only of the private end consumer

4. Protection of property that became impossible to use
This falls under Damage to Property. It refers to property not used because of the product of the policy holder and which cannot be restored.