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C.A.R - E.A.R Technical Insurance

There is great value in a Technical Insurance, considering construction is a complex and time consuming process. There are various risks, such as unexpected damages during construction, in mechanical equipmen and facilities, or bodily injuries and even death to third parties, which come with high costs.

Contractors’ All Risks (C.A.R) insurance covers all construction projects such as buildings of all kinds, factories, roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, airports, ports, marinas, dams, etc.

Erection all risks (E.A.R) insurance covers all assembly works of metal structures and/or machines, such as hydraulic works (pipelines, canals, dams), steam turbines, wind turbines, motors, electric motors, paper machines, overhead power lines, production machinery, etc.

ZIA INSURANCE offers modern, integrated insurance solutions to ensure the construction's cost and time of completion. This insurance product also requires the assistance of a qualified and trustworthy consultant that we will be providing, so as to achieve a minimum cost during the process, with a maximum possible insurance coverage in case of damages to the construction itself, to third parties or to the employed technical staff.