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SEMA Event "Meeting the Brokers of a Cyber Secure World" September 2017

“The Top Threat in business comes from the internet" Emmanuel Sfakianakis Lieutenant-General EA and founder of the Electronic Crime Prosecution Service of Greek Police.


A joint message on the growth opportunities of Cyber Risk Insurance, was sent yesterday to the Insurance Market by the President of the Hellenic Insurance Brokers Association - SEMA, Mr. Yannis Xiroyannopoulos and Emmanouil Sfakianakis, speaking at a central meeting of the Association "Meeting the Brokers of a Cyber Secure World", which marked the start of the 19th International Hydra Meeting of the Insurance Companies Association of Greece.
ZIA INSURANCE was present, with one of the keynote speakers being the owner of the company Mr.Zikoulis Apostolis, who underlined the importance of Cyber Insurance and Electronic Data Protection.
Participants in the event, had the opportunity to check if their e-mail account codes have been hacked. The results pinpointed that a smaller but still important percentage (36%) of the e-mail account codes, were in the hands of potential malicious hackers.
Throughout the evening the participants who wished to participate in a poll, responded to the question of how exposed they feel to cyber attacks. According to the results, 52% of participants said they felt very exposed.