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Environmental & Pollution Liability Insurance

As people grow more environmentally conscious each year, in the hope of securing the planet's future, businesses need to accept their own share of responsibility. The European laws on environmental liability hold companies accountable for the prevention of environmental damage, its restoration, as well as injuries to third parties. This results in high claims in damages from companies, but can also impair a company's reputation or even its operation. The Environmental & Pollution Liability Insurance contract covers companies that produce chemicals, paints, detergents, pharmaceuticals, batteries, or manage hospital waste, and also construction companies that build infrastructure or facilities, petrochemicals and roadwork. This type of contract covers third party liability against dispersion, release and leakage of any solid, liquid or gasous materials that may pollute or contaminate the soil, air or water inside or outside the insured company premises.

ZIA INSURANCE offers innovative programs and packages for environmental liability, with insurance terms that can be adapted to meet even the most complex of insurance needs. Environmental & Pollution Liability Insurance calls for specialized risk management, something that ZIA INSURANCE provides, alongside full cover in cases of claims, as we guide you through the process with our expert technical know-how.