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General and Employer's Liability

Why do I need general and employer’s liability insurance?
Every business is responsible for the proper use and operation of its facilities. Any accident in the premises, which would cause personal injury or property damage, can expose the company to financial claims.
The general and employer’s liability policy covers the business against financial loss as a result of claims by third parties and employees.

What does the general and employer’s liability insurance cover?
• The third-party liability policy covers the company for damage caused to third parties. This includes bodily injury or property damage.
• The extension of employer’s liability coverage insures the company against bodily injury sustained by the staff during the execution or by reason of their work.

What extra benefits does this proposal offer?

ZIA insurance can create the right coverage plan depending on your activities.
Common extensions to the employer’s and third-party liability policy are:
1. Damage during loading/unloading on the premises
2. Accidents occurring from the use of lifts on the premises
3. Liability from the fall of signs and inscriptions placed by the policy holder on site
4. Accidents during maintenance, repair, renovation of facilities
5. Damage from the use of lifting equipment, such as forklifts
6. Liability from damages in the parking of the business from the facilities

The limits and the final cost of the policy depends on factors such as:
• the type of works
• the number of facilities
• the number of employees
• customer’s turnover
• the size of the sum insured