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Professional Liability Insurance

What is Professional Third Party Liability Insurance?
Professional third party liability insurance is a necessary shield for every entrepreneur and self-employed. Today's competitive and demanding environment as well as the involvement of the human factor in professional activity require the existence of a professional third party liability insurance policy. 

Why would I need Professional Third Party Liability insurance?
Because it covers the inevitable mistakes and omissions made by a professional during the exercise of their profession towards third parties for bodily injury or property damage.

Who benefits from this insurance?
Indicatively, ZIA insurance clientele includes:

  •  computer and software companies
  •  law firms  engineers and architects
  •  medical rehabilitation centres and hospitals
  •  business consultants and service providers

What extra benefits does this proposal offer?
ZIA insurance’s excellent expertise can cover every business activity and offer you the most comprehensive policy on the market with the best coverage:

1. Policies with large compensation limits.
2. Quick and immediate market research in the insurance industry.
3. Simple procedures for assuming risk and issuing an offer.
4. Insurance policy with clear terms and minimum exclusions.