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Cyber Insurance

Why Do I Need Cyber Insurance?

In the era of the General Data Protection (GDPR) and Big Data, it is imperative that every business, small or large, be aware of the amount of data collected, processed and handled by the various organizations, as well as their security, maintenance and storage.

Cyber Insurance is a critical part of the risk management strategy that each company must use to manage residual risk, which it cannot reduce by using procedures and policies.

With the help of Cyber Insurance, businesses will protect their balance sheets and effectively manage the consequences of such incidents.

What does Cyber Insurance cover:

The main elements of Cyber Insurance are:

  • Public Liability against third parties who have been harmed by the loss of their personal data by the company they have been given
  • Administrative Fines - imposed by competent authorities for circumstantial data breach.  The new legislation will impose fines up to 4% of the annual turnover of the company or 20.000.000€.
  • Costs and Services for managing system breaches and loss of confidential information
  • Cyber Extortion- Coverage for managing blackmail cases that may damage a network or lead to a leak of confidential information
  • Money Fraudulent Transfer - Sending money to an unknown recipient after receiving a counterfeited email
  • Telecom Phreaking - Telephony charges due to illegal access to the company's call center
  • PCI Fines & Costs - PCI DSS Compliance Fines and Services to be followed by companies that accept credit card transactions.

·         Media Liability - Liability for third parties who have suffered damage due to the publication of content by the company

  • Business Interruption - Coverage for loss of revenue due to business disruption due to system breaches and loss of confidential information


Why ZIA Insurance?

Thanks to ZIA Insurance's extensive clientele in this field, we can read your needs and recommend the best Cyber Insurance based on them, with extensions that fit your company profile.