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Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

Why do I need directors and officers liability insurance?

The Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance protects the officers and directors of your business from third-party claims resulting from errors and omissions in carrying out their duties, such as acts, employment practice, omissions, etc.

To whom is addressed to?

It is addressed to Directors and Officers of companies, partnerships, private sector businesses, non-profit institutions, international firms, listed companies on the stock market in Greece and abroad, and Financial Institutions such as banks, Investment corporations, Funds.

What does D&O cover?

Regulatory Compensatory awards, Fines, claims settlements, defense and research expenses, money for moral and personal injury, property protection of directors, executives and members of the BoD.

What benefits does this proposal offer?

ZIA insurance can create the right coverage plan depending on your activities.

The basic D&O insurance coverage is:

·         Corporate Liability Cover

·         Worldwide cover

·         Payment in advance of legal expenses and out of court settlements

·         Automatic coverage of officers of subsidiaries, newly acquired companies, including insurance of officers seconded to other companies

·         Cover of fines and penalties for pollution incidents

·         Explicit coverage limit for non-executives

·         Lifetime Protection of Upcoming Executives and coverage of past, present and future Executives

·         Coverage of heirs and spouses

·         Expenses for the Defamation and Restoration of Company’s Fame

·         Covering Civil Penalties and Corporate Taxes